Mustangs Auto Association – MAA

The club met and went over basic introductions and also created a list of things they would like to learn/do in this club

Goals: Inspire automotive passion in students in order to create a community where this passion can continue to thrive in a world of oil haters

What we are doing:

- Watching car videos

- How to install part videos for the beginning of Corona group

- How to drive a manual transmission

- Take online webinars for how to build

- Learning about:

internal engine components and functions: timing, AFR, Compression, Cam lift, Electronics, Boost, Volumetric Efficiency, Camber, Cooling system, Pulley system, Gear Ratio, Transmission, Fuel system, Ignition System: Spark, Air, Fuel, Displacement – Piston/Chamber, Wankel Rotary, Two stroke/four stroke, Exhaust systems, Suspensions, VVT, Dual Cam vs. Single Cam, integrated cam vs overhead Double clutch, Clutch Assembly, engine design, diesel engines.


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